Strays in Blagoevgrad

How do people and strays manage to coexist in the city?

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As we were approaching the shelter I saw several people waiting outside the yellow building. Some of them were with dogs, some were without. Probably cold gloomy weather made this place look unhappier than it should look. About 10 cages where placed in front of the building with 3-4 dogs in each. Some of the dogs were apathetically lying on the wooden planks, others were barking restlessly at the people outside.

I decided to ask people about their purposes of visit. Most of them eagerly answered the question, although some did not want to speak for the camera.

Free neutering of cats and dogs is another procedure The Animal Rescue Shelter offers for pet-owners. Shelter worker believe that the main reason there are so many strays in the city is that people do not neuter their pets even if they don’t plan to let the pet have offspring. Now when the procedure is absolutely free, there is a hope for improvement of the current situation.

While I was interviewing the visitors, more volunteers arrived.  Georgi Nedelev is one of the regular volunteers in the shelter.  He led us among other volunteers to the main building with the dogs. Now when he has extensive experience in working with stray dogs he teaches the newcomers and organizes the dog walking. It is quite a challenge to take the dogs out of the cages one by one. G chooses a cage and walks in to leash each dog. Then he lets them out one by one accompanied by a volunteer. People then walk the dogs around the shelter territory.

Altogether at this Saturday 12 people came to help the animals. To be honest, I was surprised to see even this number of volunteers. But as Nedelev said,

“Probably because of the weather there aren’t that many people today. Usually we have more. On a good day we can have up to 60 volunteers. We even don’t know how to manage them all, as most of them are newcomers and they cannot deal with the dogs without assistance.”

I was wondering how do people find out about the place and why do they come here.

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About the Shelter

The shelter itself appeared to be bigger than I have envisioned it. I’ve never seen 500 dogs at one place and I didn’t know how much space they can possibly take.

Being lucky to choose the day of the week for our visit, when most of the volunteers come we joined them as they were led by Georgi Nedelev to the weekly procedure of walking dogs.

Main Facility. First we were taken to the biggest facility on the shelter territory. Most of the dogs were held in it. Separated in cages by in different amounts dogs were desperately trying to reach the volunteers through the cage cells. There was no aggression in dogs’ behavior. They probably have already learned that this is their chance to go for a walk.  As I was following Nedelev, walking a dog he told me about the ways they manage to keep that many dogs together. The process of separating dogs by cages totally depends on … dogs. It is not about breed or age or sex. When a new dog arrives it is introduced to the dogs which are already held there and if a group does not accept it, the dogs is introduced to the next one, until there will be found a group of dogs that does not act hostile toward the newcomer. This is a principle of pack. Same as wolves decide on their members in wildlife. Although dogs were domesticated long time ago, they still preserve some traces of wild animals.

Puppies. Until certain age puppies are kept separately from mature individuals. The cage with puppies gave me the worst feeling, not being able to help the poor things. I know this is arguable, but I was almost sure that they completely understand what is going on and that they have to be extra nice to every visitor, hoping to be adopted. On the other side it can be said that these dogs were luckier than others, as they did not experience the hardship of the street life. Moreover they have more chances to be adopted, as people want to raise the dog, they adopt, by themselves.

After we had a long excursion around the territory, I went to interview the head-keeper of the Animal Rescue Shelter Veselina Kosturska. I had some particular questions in mind, but as the conversation started one topic naturally led to another. It became obvious that this is not a 5 minute conversation. Kosturska eagerly answered all my questions, providing facts and details I was not aware of. Unfortunately, Kosturska preferred to record only her voice, but for those who are interested in the real problems and solutions of the strays in Bulgaria, the interview would be interesting to listen. I tried to condense the essence of the conversation in the shortest timeframe possible and still could not limit it just by one audio track.

The pictures of the shelter do not look very happy. The first superficial impression of the smell and number of dogs per cage, to be honest, is rather repulsive. But this is for first few minutes only. After I got into the process and found out what are the shelter workers actually doing for the animals, respect and admiration of those people overlaid all negative moments. If one will look closely all the dogs are healthy and have enough food, and the main point is that in the shelter they have the chance to be adopted, the chance they will never have living in the streets.

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Getting there

Although my topic is the strays of Blagoevgrad, I decided to take my investigation out of town. This time I headed for the Sofian stray shelter “Animal Rescue”.

This trip was not spontaneous. It was carefully planed by me 1 week beforehand. But no matter how I tried to foresee all possible difficulties, the trip to the shelter could not be named pleasant.

I was lucky to have a companion in this risky undertaking. My roommate Daria, has nothing to do neither with journalism, nor with stray dogs, nonetheless she did not refuse to help me with my report and to assist as a camera-person.

The night before we moved out, when I finally finished all the preparations, i.e. printing the maps, planning the route, checking the equipment, packing, it was about 4.00 am. It also turned out that the shelter is not actually located in Sofia. It is in Gorny Bogrov, which is a small village, that, although, isn’t far from Sofia, is rather difficult to reach without a car.

So here the adventure began. The bus from Blagoevgrad moved out at 6.30 am. God knows how Daria actually regretted at that moment, that she agreed to help me. It was still dark and chilly and seemed that this day will last forever.

When we arrived in Sofia, the sun was up, and the weather did not seem so cold anymore. Now we were to figure out the way to the shelter from the Central Bus Station.

If you are reading this post for directions, here they are: From the central bus station first take a bus №78.  At the intersection of Vasil Kanchev str and Vladimir Vazov str, take bus №90. After about half an hour you’ll pass by the Lukoil gas station. The bus station right after it – is the destination. Here is the map with directions:bogrov-map-engAlthough the route might sound a bit difficult, it is still fun exploring new places on your own. Here’s a short video about us getting there.

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Taking the problem to an international level.

There were many thoughts expressed on the issue of stray dog number regulation. Some of them sound too radical, as for example doghunting movement, some, as shelter building, don’t really seem to be helpful, considering the scale of the problem in Bulgaria.

This post was supposed to be dedicated to the Blagoevgrad dog shelter. Once I heard about its existence, I had it on my schedule for blog-posting as one with the richest visual content. Unfortunately when I started looking for the information about the shelter, it appeared that it does not exist, although there is a project sponsored by an organization called “Biostroy”. According to the last publication on this topic in the “Info-mreja” web newspaper  the shelter was supposed to be finished by July 20, 2012, but since then nothing was heard about it.

On my way of searching of alternative subjects to the ill-fated shelter, I ran into a web page in Russian newspaper, which tells a story about an American citizen who decided to adopt a dog from a Bulgarian shelter. The story strikes with the headline “American citizen spent around $4,000 to adopt a dog”.  The article provided  no further information or any details about this person, except for the fact that it was a woman.

$4000 was spent on a connected flight through Paris, where the dog spent a night in a dog hotel and preceded then to New York. The lucky dog was adopted from a dog shelter in Elhovets, which is sponsored and maintained by a British family – Rose (The spelling is also a guess, as it was written in Cyrillic, and I couldn’t find any information about this family in English resources ). A senior couple collects dogs from all over the country and helps them to find new owners in Europe and United States. Local Bulgarians do not seem to be against this business. They see fewer dogs in the streets and know that they are taken good care of, instead of being killed or neutered and thrown back in the streets.

I could find no contact information of the shelter, although I was very interested how do they find customers and what motivates this customers to adopt an animal from a country on another side of the globe.

Another internationally working shelter in Bulgaria, that I discovered, had more organized information about itself. German-Bulgarian collaboration created a project called “Deutsch-Bulgarischen Straßentier-Nothilfe e.V.” The webpage they have is entirely in German, thus obviously targeting only German speaking customers. It has several shelters in Dobrich, Shumen, Rousse and Sofia. The website also provides contact information in Bulgaria.

This organization has also an Austrian affiliate. Its webpage is also written entirely in German, so it took me a while to find this page.  Here is the list of adopted animals, with a short description and date. Surprisingly the organization actually has a steady flow of customers. On average 2-3 animals are adopted per month.

It is sad that countries like Bulgaria, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine cannot deal with this problem on their own, but the fact that this issue has international resonance leaves a hope for a better life for stray animals.